Troubleshooting of pinebook Pro red light and black screen
Cause of failure: failed to reinstall the system, resulting in the red indicator light on when starting up, but the screen is black.

Long press the power button to shut down, and then prepare the native default system, preferably the image of the latest version of Manjaro arm KDE, write it to the SD card and insert it into the SD card slot. At the same time, put the image of the system into a USB flash disk and insert it into the notebook.

Then, remove the back cover, press and hold the recovery key (one of the two small black cylinders) above the motherboard with your fingertips, and then press the power key. At this time, the screen flashes several times for a long time. After it is displayed normally, it will enter the SD card system. During startup setting, do not install the system. In the trial state, open the start button, find the manjaro arm flasher , open it, find the system image in the USB flash disk in the path, set the partition where the installation location EMMC is located, press start , and exit the flasher tool after running  is completed。

Next, click the start button to shut down.

Then, unplug the USB flash disk and SD card and turn it on.

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