help or suggestions removing RockPro64 Playbox please?
One of my friends gifted me a RockPro64 which is encased in [the PlayBox]( with this [LCD attached]( in it.

I'm not able to find any help on how to take this case apart (or even put it together) on the web, the forums, or the pine64 websites.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to retrieve the RockPro64 from inside and don't need the case or LCD.
The back just pops out of it.
(03-21-2022, 04:20 PM)pgwipeout Wrote: The back just pops out of it.

Thanks for that. I watched [this video](, which is for the PlayBox on a different model board, the Pine64, and the clips for the case are in the same place. I had to use my metal pry tool to get them to snap out.

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