Armbian and LibreELEC and AltLinux for Quartz64
(12-14-2022, 01:09 AM)balbes150 Wrote:
(12-13-2022, 09:12 PM)acj_ Wrote: Following up on my own post.  I chatted with a few Pine64 folks on Discord, and they agreed that the benchmark numbers are reasonable for the Q64a and the memory issues maybe because of u-boot that Armbian uses.

Show the UART log and the exact name of the image where the 2 GB memory is displayed.

Running into the same issue as acj_ and MC68060.  I'll provide what I can but I am not at the level of UART debugging.  I first noticed the lack of memory after installing AIO Nextcloud and watching it grind to a hault in TOP.

root@homelab-nas:/mnt/disk1/ncdata# top
top - 23:36:58 up  3:56,  4 users,  load average: 35.53, 50.23, 26.49
Tasks: 242 total,   1 running, 241 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
%Cpu(s): 55.5 us,  3.6 sy,  0.0 ni, 38.2 id,  1.2 wa,  1.2 hi,  0.3 si,  0.0 st
MiB Mem :   1978.9 total,     35.4 free,   1526.1 used,    417.5 buff/cache
MiB Swap:    989.4 total,    130.5 free,    858.9 used.    328.2 avail Mem

I tried Lunar minimal:

and Sid minimal:

Here's output from lshw, you'll see the 1978MiB System memory

root@homelab-nas:/mnt/disk1/ncdata# lshw -short
H/W path      Device          Class       Description
                              system      Pine64 RK3566 Quartz64-A Board
/0                            bus         Motherboard
/0/1                          processor   cpu
/0/2                          processor   cpu
/0/3                          processor   cpu
/0/4                          processor   cpu
/0/5                          memory      1978MiB System memory
/0/0                          bridge      RK3568 Remote Signal Processor
/0/0/0        scsi0           storage     JMB58x AHCI SATA controller
/0/0/0/0.0.0  /dev/sda        volume      5589GiB WDC WD60EZAZ-00S
/2            usb1            bus         EHCI Host Controller
/3            usb2            bus         Generic Platform OHCI controller
/4            usb3            bus         EHCI Host Controller
/5            usb4            bus         Generic Platform OHCI controller
/6            usb5            bus         xHCI Host Controller
/7            usb6            bus         xHCI Host Controller
/1            usb7            bus         xHCI Host Controller
/8            mmc0            bus         MMC Host
/8/59b4       /dev/mmcblk0    disk        63GB USD00
/8/59b4/1     /dev/mmcblk0p1  volume      58GiB EXT4 volume
/9            mmc1            bus         MMC Host
/a            mmc2            bus         MMC Host
/b            card0           multimedia  HDMI
/c            card1           multimedia  RK817
/d            card2           multimedia  SPDIF
/e            input0          input       rk805 pwrkey
/f            eth0            network     Ethernet interface

I figured it something in the kernal config for Quartz64, I looked over the DTS/DTB but couldn't find anything that I could experiment with.  Would love to use the Armbian image if possible, but I need the full 8gb.  If I can test and device tree changes, I'd be happy too.
>Here's output from lshw, you'll see the 1978MiB System memory

Check the version with EDK2.
The latest versions using EDK2 can now be downloaded from the link.
(01-13-2023, 07:13 AM)balbes150 Wrote: The latest versions using EDK2 can now be downloaded from the link.

Seems those work to address the full 8gb.  Thank you!

quartz64a:~:# top
top - 14:57:35 up 57 min,  2 users,  load average: 0.02, 0.02, 0.00
Tasks: 141 total,  1 running, 140 sleeping,  0 stopped,  0 zombie
%Cpu(s):  0.2 us,  0.4 sy,  0.0 ni, 99.3 id,  0.0 wa,  0.1 hi,  0.1 si,  0.0 st
MiB Mem :  7657.9 total,  7206.0 free,    174.3 used,    277.6 buff/cache
MiB Swap:  3828.9 total,  3828.9 free,      0.0 used.  7297.7 avail Mem
Version 20230122-EDK-EFI. Together with the new EDK2. Added support for Debian (added Debian images).

I don't have a Quartz64 A model with 8 GB of RAM, so I need a UART log to determine the causes of the RAM size limitation problem. Question to the owners of the Quartz64 A model with 8GB of RAM, who can provide the UART log when launching Armbian? I am interested in running a version without EDK2, in extlinux mode, when only 2 GB of RAM is detected.
Alpha version 20230122-EDK-EFI Armbian for SOQuartz + SOQuartz Model-A Baseboard. Kernel 6.2-rc4.
(01-22-2023, 09:14 AM)balbes150 Wrote: Alpha version 20230122-EDK-EFI Armbian for SOQuartz + SOQuartz Model-A Baseboard. Kernel 6.2-rc4.

Appreciated and thanks on the build.
Alpha version 20230124edge Armbian for Quartz64-B Kernel 6.2-rc5.
Version 20230125-current Armbian for Quartz64-B Kernel 6.1.6

For all Altlinux 20230123 kernel 6.1.7
Added images from Gnome 3 for Quartz64. Surprisingly for me (I don't use gnome and built it at the user's request) the interface works well. Glmark2 shows on Quartz64-B

user@quartz64b:~$ glmark2
glmark2 2021.02
OpenGL Information
GL_VENDOR: Panfrost
GL_RENDERER: Mali-G52 r1 (Panfrost)
GL_VERSION: 3.1 Mesa 22.0.5
[build] use-vbo=false: FPS: 322 FrameTime: 3.106 ms
[build] use-vbo=true: FPS: 334 FrameTime: 2.994 ms
[texture] texture-filter=nearest: FPS: 569 FrameTime: 1.757 ms
[texture] texture-filter=linear: FPS: 566 FrameTime: 1.767 ms
[texture] texture-filter=mipmap: FPS: 572 FrameTime: 1.748 ms
[shading] shading=gouraud: FPS: 242 FrameTime: 4.132 ms
[shading] shading=blinn-phong-inf: FPS: 243 FrameTime: 4.115 ms
[shading] shading=phong: FPS: 236 FrameTime: 4.237 ms
[shading] shading=cel: FPS: 241 FrameTime: 4.149 ms
[bump] bump-render=high-poly: FPS: 97 FrameTime: 10.309 ms
[bump] bump-render=normals: FPS: 638 FrameTime: 1.567 ms
[bump] bump-render=height: FPS: 612 FrameTime: 1.634 ms
[effect2d] kernel=0,1,0;1,-4,1;0,1,0;: FPS: 438 FrameTime: 2.283 ms
[effect2d] kernel=1,1,1,1,1;1,1,1,1,1;1,1,1,1,1;: FPS: 185 FrameTime: 5.405 ms
[pulsar] light=false:quads=5:texture=false: FPS: 543 FrameTime: 1.842 ms
[desktop] blur-radius=5:effect=blur:passes=1Confusedeparable=true:windows=4: FPS: 176 FrameTime: 5.682 ms
[desktop] effect=shadow:windows=4: FPS: 505 FrameTime: 1.980 ms
[buffer] columns=200:interleave=false:update-dispersion=0.9:update-fraction=0.5:update-method=map: FPS: 83 FrameTime: 12.048 ms
[buffer] columns=200:interleave=false:update-dispersion=0.9:update-fraction=0.5:update-method=subdata: FPS: 83 FrameTime: 12.048 ms
[buffer] columns=200:interleave=true:update-dispersion=0.9:update-fraction=0.5:update-method=map: FPS: 72 FrameTime: 13.889 ms
[ideas] speed=duration: FPS: 229 FrameTime: 4.367 ms
[jellyfish] <default>: FPS: 274 FrameTime: 3.650 ms
[terrain] <default>: FPS: 24 FrameTime: 41.667 ms
[shadow] <default>: FPS: 160 FrameTime: 6.250 ms
[refract] <default>: FPS: 25 FrameTime: 40.000 ms
[conditionals] fragment-steps=0:vertex-steps=0: FPS: 426 FrameTime: 2.347 ms
[conditionals] fragment-steps=5:vertex-steps=0: FPS: 422 FrameTime: 2.370 ms
[conditionals] fragment-steps=0:vertex-steps=5: FPS: 425 FrameTime: 2.353 ms
[function] fragment-complexity=low:fragment-steps=5: FPS: 427 FrameTime: 2.342 ms
[function] fragment-complexity=medium:fragment-steps=5: FPS: 418 FrameTime: 2.392 ms
[loop] fragment-loop=false:fragment-steps=5:vertex-steps=5: FPS: 425 FrameTime: 2.353 ms
[loop] fragment-steps=5:fragment-uniform=false:vertex-steps=5: FPS: 303 FrameTime: 3.300 ms
[loop] fragment-steps=5:fragment-uniform=true:vertex-steps=5: FPS: 245 FrameTime: 4.082 ms
glmark2 Score: 320

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