Accelerometer stopped working
(04-22-2022, 03:57 AM)ITCactus Wrote: maybe it's make sense to open a ticket under

I just did. I'll report here when I get some reply
For now I only got canned responses: first asking for snapshots (which had already been posted in the links that I sent in my original communication, but which I still sent anyway) and then suggesting that I let the battery run out and reset (which I had already done, and was also reported in the same links... and does not help) and finally a note saying that I am out of warranty (30 days).

I feel quite disappointed Dodgy . Here is my full conversation with them:

I've already let the pinetime run out of battery and reset twice but
it did not come back to work.
In fact, one reason for having warranty expired is that I tried that
and I also waited until I could test if a firmware update would fix the

Regarding warranty, I was aware that I would not be covered by the
standard EU 2-year warranty, but I also sincerely expected some
solution from Pine64 since this clearly looks like a common production

I've been an enthusiastic supporter of pine64: I bought an early
pinephone and have since promoted pine64 products because of
advocating for FOSS alternatives. That's why, when my kid wanted a
"MiBand" I explained her about privacy concerns and FOSS values and
bought a Pinetime instead. Once counting delivery and custom fees, the
price was nearly double that of a MiBand, it took almost 2 months to
arrive and I also had to explain my kid that she should accept that
the product would not be "very polished" and that we would probably
need to hack with it to make it work... but all that was ok (and
expected) in the name of using open alternatives.

Unfortunately, if, when facing a hardware production issue, the only
solution offered is "sorry, warranty is over" (not even, "try to open
and resolder X") , It would be very hard for me to trust or promote
other pine64 products in the future.

Quote:Pine Microsystems Inc:

Due to a problem with your PineTime accelerometer, we recommend leaving
PineTime uncharged for 7 days until the battery runs out,
While charging, PineTime will reset itself and reinitialize the screen.
Check if the Pinetime accelerometer is back to work

Unfortunately, please inform you that your order #226221 1xPineTime seal warranty has expired.

Please find attached 2 pictures where you can see:
- 0 steps counted (after wearing and shaking it)
- "???" displayed in the "Accel" entry of the info screen.
Please let me know if you need some further info.

Quote:Pine Microsystems Inc
Please snapshot the display of PineTime accelerometer malfunction for our checking,
Thank you.
support team #4...


Hi, I experienced the issue described in
and (pinetime accelerometer stops working)

This happened on the first day of use. Other people report small falls as possible cause. In my case I am not aware of shocking the watch at all (although I can't be 100% sure since it was my kid wearing it).

I tried rebooting and later on reflashing with latest infinitime (1.9) to see if it was solved, but it isn't.

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