Current Situation Mobian Installer (PPPro)
(03-15-2022, 04:05 AM)arno_nuehm Wrote: Another (unsuccessful) update:

Since there hasn't been a new Mobian Installer version this week, I tried to fool around with Tow-Boot and managed to write the latest release to SPI and boot into USB-Data-Mode via long-pressing the volume-up-button while booting. I then wrote the Mobian Installer (20220306) onto the eMMC and rebooted.
The installer started and I was able to install FDE-Mobian (f2fs) to the eMMC - which is a little success.

But the phone was stuck in a reboot cycle afterwards.

I assume, there still is a problem with initramfs as described here:

"encrypted installs won’t boot due to an initramfs issue"

Hopefully, this can be solved soon.


The next installer build should work. You can get the current one working with some extra steps if you have a serial cable (see this bug report).

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