Pinephone incoming call / SMS notification no ringing / notification volume
(02-23-2022, 01:00 AM)dcinoz Wrote: It seems that recently incoming calls and SMS no longer have any ringing / notification volume. I had several text messages give no notification from suspend with screen locked, I've tested an incoming call and the incoming call screen is there but no ringing. Same with SMS, I get the text notification popup on the lockscreen but no notification sound. Volume is on max.

Speaker tests from sound settings works, pulseaudio shows everything at 0dB.

I've logged a bug report

Wondering whether I'm the only one to have noticed this recently.

I'm experiencing this same issue. I've never heard any notification sound since using the Pinephone for a week now. I only hear the sound when I plug in my phone to be charged.

- bell is turned on
- system volume 100%
- system sounds 100%
- get notifications on lock screen
- blue LED lights up
- i hear sounds when changing volume
- i hear sounds when plugging in my phone to charge

I'm very perplexed.


It turns out Dino-im app doesn't have working notification sounds. I tried it with Chatty and indeed the sounds work.

Now to figure out how to get pinetime working Tongue

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