USB Audio?
Does anyone know if USB Audio works with the Android OS? I have a Logitech G930 headset I would like to connect to the Pine. My wireless keyboard and mouse worked as soon as they were plugged in, but the headset's not working. I've seen that people using Samsung Phones have gotten it to work using an OTG connectors. Is there some sort of audio input setting in the OS?
With the headset plugged in; do you see anything in audio settings that might help...
I can attest that USB DACs work on Android with USB Audio player PRO.
I tested Audioquest DF and Schiit Modi and work like a charm.
However, I haven't found a way to use them as audio interfaces. There is no such option under Audio Settings.
Needs to be enabled in the kernel. I've enabled it before but had issues with sound not coming out of headphone jack. Can load the module manually of course.
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