Phone call with the pinephone pro
(02-13-2022, 08:33 AM)dfs Wrote: Hi everyone; long time lurker but it's my first post here. I got a pinephone pro and none of the distributions I tried were able to make a phone call. I tried (in their posh/plasma versions); Manjaro, Mobian, Arch and Postmarketos. While PostmarketOS make it clear phonecalls are broken, I saw here and there people saying the phonecalls were working in the others I tested (while not explaining how...).

Phonecalls do work as expected on my original pinephone with the same sim card.

Did I miss something ? A new setting or package to update ? Updating a firmware like the modem? The more I search and test the more others workings feature are breaking Wink

any help or explaination would be awesome. even if it's to tell me it never worked; then I could stop searching and just wait for a release claming it fixed it ^^'.

thanks everyone

I can only speak for Manjaro and Arch Phosh, but with the correct APN settings phone calls and MMS work. Mobile data needs enabled, and APN settings need set sometimes manually.

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