PinePhone without battery to bypass restrictions of some transporters
(06-19-2022, 02:55 PM)RuTrainsurfer Wrote: (EN) Bump! What's about SKD kits with mandatory (main and USB-C PCBs, FPC between them, display with touch screen and heatsink assembly, inner frame, back cover and RF cable) and optional (battery*, both cameras**, screws*, pogo pins**, both speakers*, vibration motor*, flexible part of USB PCB***, box** or bubble wrap) parts for skilled customers?

* Easily replaceable from alternative sources.
** Not needed for most applications. Boxes are just wasted wood.
*** If customer has a soldering iron and 4 tiny wires.

P.S. Ilya, did you read this topic entirely?

You don't have to ship a disassembled PPP because now you can just use or (maybe the same team, I'm not sure, I've been communicating with eximpost but the support asked me to register on migoff site).
They deliver only to Moscow, then you have to seek a carrier to your city yourself.

At least 2 members of Pine64 community successfully delivered their PPPs via eximpost to Moscow. Write to their support and attach some links to the devices you want to ship so they may tell you if it is possible to deliver them.

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