Unable to Update Manjaro Plasma Mobile
So I got my Pro a couple of weeks ago and did the initial update with the `pinephonepro-post-install` or whatever the command was but since then any time I run `sudo pacman -Syu` it says there is nothing to do. What am I missing here?
By default, /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf has the branch set to arm-stable. If you want to update you may choose to change your branch to arm-testing. Make sure your device doesn't lose power when you update after you've run pacman-mirrors with your preferred options.
Or rather, do not let your device enter suspend while updating as the Pinephone Pro currently has problems waking from suspend and seems to require a hard reboot and doing so caused a partial upgrade in my situation which corrupted and required me to manually reinstall a number of packages. Editing ~/.config/powermanagementprofilesrc may be helpful as I believe the idletime values render somewhat pointless the settings you choose in the Plasma Mobile Settings app.
Run command 

sudo pacman-mirrors --get-branch

it will show:


then if want more frequent updates and less stable environment, run

sudo pacman-mirrors --set-branch testing --api

sudo pacman -Syyu

sudo reboot now
Thanks for the help!

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