"Pine64 USB JTAG Adapter + OpenOCD + PineTime" should it work?
(03-01-2022, 12:34 PM)wibble Wrote: I'm guessing nobody here has tried it. I've only used the Raspberry Pi option since I already had one. Have you compared the schematic to that of the adafruit board the openocd config you're using was written for? What connections did you use?

i tried to connect like this using Pogo Pins connections (also tried wires included in PineTime box)

Pine64 USB       -> PineTime
(8) TDI/SWDIO    -> (1) SWDIO
(4) TCK/SWDCLK   -> (2) SWDCLK
not connected    -> (3) -
(9)  Ground      -> (4) GND

since Pine64 USB can outputs only 5v i ended up with not connecting the power, taking into account that PineTime is powered by battery. but i also tried with connecting power from pin#1, it leads to PineTime reboot, but nothing more - the OpenOCD outputs the same error.

unfortunately, i'm a newbie with OpenOCD, and not sure how to change configs according to the board or adapter schematic.
in the ft232h-module-swd.cfg there is a comment "ADAFRUIT FTDI FT232H as a SWD direct connect interface. Any FT232H based board may work.", so i was hoping it should just work. but it's not.

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