Manjaro Plasma Beta and Cellular Data Service
Well, there was a huge update yesterday, Feb. 14th, and for some reason when my Beta 10 got to the keyring song and dance, the update crashed. So I went to see if by chance there was a Beta 11 released, there was not, but there was a new Beta 10 dated Feb. 14th, the one I was running was dated Feb. 4th. After flashing the new version, updates went smoothly. Unfortunately the new version did not solve the mobile data issue that started this whole thread, however the workaround I outlined here (in post #2) still works. I have noticed that, sometimes, my service provider registration is lost during sleep, so I have to do the workaround again.

Since I had some time, I decided to backtrack and find out exactly when the problem started, and I learned that Beta 8 was the last version that did not have the mobile data issue. I've decided to run Beta 8 for now, since having a reliable phone connection is kind of essential to having a reliable phone, ya know? I'll keep my eye on things, keep testing the latest Beta release on an SD card, and jump back in as soon as I see the mobile data issue is fixed, but for now Beta 8 will be on my eMMC.

Never mind ... I was able to get the Geary email client running under Beta 10 but not Beta 8, so I'm back to Beta 10, and hope the modem issue will be fixed soon.

The upstream issue report says this will be fixed in 5.24.1, in the mean time there is a simpler command line workaround listed, but just like my method, you have to do it every time ... sudo mmcli -m 0 -e
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