Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month
Mine has been that way as well, since the 16th in my case. My guess is that it did not make it before CNY. But you were a few days before me.

Honestly I have not ordered anything from China in a while, since before all this more recent supply chain craziness. So this was a bit of an experiment to be honest. However, OTOH, I ordered some things off AliExpress right around the same time and those arrived in 2-4 weeks, which is about back to normal (based on quite a lot of past (pre-covid) experience).

I am not panicking yet. People are getting their keyboards[0], and I have ordered a few things from PINE64 before and so far received all of them.

[0] As evidenced by the number of people complaining in IRC, Matrix, and elsewhere about how they have to shim them to get them to work properly (lol).

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