Pinecil Power Supply with Removable Cables Recommendations
Hello everyone, I am in quite a pickle, as unlike the majority here, I live in a country (Israel) where despite the Europlug standard being officially supported, the socket (SI32) provides absolutely no structural support (as in, weight) for it, which is the cause of many power supplies with broken integrated Europlug plugs. This has caused me to be unable to actually utilize my Pinecil, since the only power supply I have for it is a 65W slim Lenovo charger, which while it has a removable plug cable (a shame that it is not grounded), unfortunately it's USB-C cable is a nonremovable PVC cable, rather than a Silicon cable.

Obviously, the solution would be to get a Framework charger... except that they are not yet available in Israel, and it would take too long until they start being available.

So does anyone have any recommendations for a charger that has a modular plug cable (2-pin is alright, however I'd rather have it 3-pin (such as the "Mickey Mouse" connector), so as to allow for grounding between the wall and the power supply) and either has a silicon cable (USB-C or DC552) or a USB-C socket for proper modularity and is not prohibitively expensive?
Hmm... This looks intriguing, however there are too many unanswered questions around it (is it GaN? Who is the manufacturer? What model is it? etc.).


Edit: It appears to be the A-73W, which is manufactured by ??? Dongguan, and can be found under different brands, such as MackerTop, KSW Kindo and Kabcon (perhaps there are multiple manufacturers that reuse the same schematics? I see manufacturers from both Dongguan and Shenzhen in regards to this), and can be found on AliExpress, Amazon and NewEgg (and someone is also selling them on Ebay), primarily targetted towards MacBook owners, but also some sellers are targetting it towards Microsoft Surface owners.

The Dell HA60NM200 also looked like an option, however I cannot find it anywhere, since it appears that it has not yet been released to the market (it's apparently supposed to arrive with upcoming Latitude 9000 laptops).

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