PP Keyboard still has not arrived
Mine has finally arrived, it took 15 days to arrive to Spain, one week to clear customs, and 1.5 months after that to arrive to my home. At least it's finally here...
(02-04-2022, 03:55 PM)jojuma Wrote: Hello,

I'm in Germany and ordered the PP Keyboard (together with some other stuff) on january 1st.
It still hasn't arrived. Looking at the tracking information it has arrived in Germany, but since january 19th nothing else happened.
Are people from Germany here who already got their keyboards?
Is there an issue?
What can I do, if nothing happens any more?

Thanks in advance

I bet you ordered it within the first hour it was available. I ordered mine on the 1st of Jan. as well. I have not receved mine as well. I hate to admit it but im glad im not the only one. I have spoken on the discord server as well and i was the only person at that time still waiting in the states. Please post when you get yours and i will too.

(02-09-2022, 09:18 PM)kriegspiel Wrote: Jan 4 order for a PP keyboard and a Pinedio LoRA case for delivery to a US address - no updates after Jan 12 on the tracking site, and nothing delivered yet. I have sent multiple email messages to their support email with no response either.

I have never had an issue with email replies from the Pineteam. Those guys are on top of things and have gone the extra mile in every case , in my experience.

I've the same experience. I'm placed in Germany too. I ordered a PP Keyboard and a Pinecil 2nd of January 2022. It arrived 19th of January 2022 in Frankfurt/Germany via Netherlands. Then it was returned to Netherland with arrival date 22th of February. 

The current status shows that the delivery was was unsuccessful. On 6th of April 2022 the undeliverable item will be returned to sender.

So I asked the pine sales team and got no answer yet. I asked the pine support team and they informed me that they forwarded my problem to the Hong Kong sales team. This was on 17th of April 2022. I did not received any feedback from sales. Today is the 13th of May 2022 and I'm p..... off!!!

I would expect at least a feedback. That I know where it stucks and if I have to wait or not. I really want to buy a PP keyboard. But with this kind of sales services I'm not sure if I can order from Asia or have to wait until Pine opens a store in Europe.

Best regards

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