Bluetooth pairing issues (Mobian, InfiniTime)
Watch is on Infinitime 1.8.0. PinePhone is Mobian.

Previously (with same version of InfiniTime) I was able to pair with passcode, and talk to the watch using itd. It would lose the connection after a (short) while, and fail to reconnect (even though the phone was in range and not suspended).

However now, I can't get it to pair at all. This is what happens:

0. Start bluetoothctl
1. Make sure InfiniTime is not in bluetoothctl list of devices and that info [mac] does not show it paired.
2. Exit bluetoothctl
3. Reboot watch
4. Toggle bluetooth off and then on again on the PinePhone
5. Start bluetoothctl
6. wake watch up with side button
7. in bluetoothctl: scan on
8. in bluetoothctl: pair [mac]

I get:

[bluetooth]# pair [MAC]
Attempting to pair with [MAC]
[CHG] Device [MAC] Connected: yes
[CHG] Device [MAC] Connected: no
Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationCanceled

Sometimes I will get the passcode prompt, and the passcode displayed on the watch. But even when typing in the passcode, I get the above. Often the above will happen before I finish typing the passcode.

Any ideas for how to get the watch paired? (And ideally, to keep the connection stable.. I see scripts for reconnecting after suspend, but that's not my issue. I'm using the keyboard w/battery, so the phone is never in suspend.)

EDIT: If I do connect first instead of pair, it connects. Then I can pair successfully, with the passcode. After that, I mark trust on. However, the connection drops a minute later. It seems to be oscillating between Connected: yes and Connected: no.

EDIT 2: Logs have this:
Feb 04 15:28:28 mobian itd[1647]: 3:28PM FTL Error connecting to InfiniTime error=le-connection-abort-by-local

I am the developer of ITD. I notice this issue only with the Pinephone Pro, but it works well on the original Pinephone. I don't know what is causing this, but I can't seem to pair the watch to the phone even without ITD.

Try using a different device with the new commits I've recently pushed to ITD, just to make sure it's not an ITD issue.

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