Cannot wake the phone after "systemctl suspend" on PPP
Thanks @dukla2000 .

It took a bit of fighting, but I managed to make it works for me.

* I first installed the same OS I was using (Manjaro/Phosh) on a SD card and wiped the boot partition on the eMMC : the phone would now go on sleep, but still wouldn't wake up
* I wiped the whole eMMC for good measure (writing /dev/zero on it with dd) : no change
* I tried Mobian : the phone would not suspend by itself again, but would wake up after I manually suspended
* after toying around a bit, I realized the battery indicator was still shown as charging even when the phone is unplugged

This turned out to be my issue : the phone doesn't detect unplugging on the first try. I have to re-plug/re-unplug several times for it to be detected. After that, with Mobian on the SD card, the phone can wake up (haven't tried Mobian on the eMMC).

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