(ARCHIVED) Debian Mate (3.10.102 BSP)
(07-01-2016, 01:00 AM)lenny.raposo-pine64.pro Wrote: oh sorry I forgot to add the MD5 sum for the new image.
Here it is for 3.10.102 BSP
MD5 = 9e8695887cc97d62a0f70667f4fa81d3

For all those reading this the new download is located at https://www.pine64.pro/downloads/#Debian-Linux

Cheers mate!  Thanks for the quick response...   Big Grin

I'll give it a whirl on Saturday or Sunday!
i'm not able to download image as google drive is blocked (any other source).
No other source available at this time sorry Sad
If you like my work be sure to check out my site or wish to donate to the cause

Cheers Big Grin
(07-01-2016, 02:17 AM)pushpendrak Wrote: i'm not able to download image as google drive is blocked (any other source).

I'll have a mirror on Mega.nz here shortly, finishing my downloads now

Edit: Heres the link for Debian Base

(2) Pine64+ (2gb) + Wifi/BT
Digital Signage Project
(07-01-2016, 11:18 AM)lenny.raposo-pine64.pro Wrote: No other source available at this time sorry Sad

I will post over to Pine64 forum and also crate torrent seed on next week.
Shame you didn't mention the MAC address is fudged and hard-coded on /boot/uEnv.txt file...


I've got two pine64+ - was trying to watch my router for a DHCP ack - couldn't see my 2nd Pine till I shut it down - updated the file with a different MAC address...

Why is this necessary?

Shouldn't we be relying on the actual "real" MAC address of the on-board NIC on 64+ models?

Also - I've tried HDMI out on 2 different monitors :

1680x1050 Dell

800x480 (noname brand)

I've edited the uEnv.txt file tried 1050p_60 on the Dell, and 480p_60 on the no-name brand - both over HDMI

Get nothing on either screen...

The Dell is capable of switching to 720p if necessary or requested...

Anyway - not too bothered about GUI - so I've stopped lightdm - "systemctl stop lightdm", "systemctl disable lightdm" - but there are still some X and lightdm processes...

Just rebooting after trying :
systemctl set-default multi-user.target

I also disabled bluetooth - because it was filling up dmesg with logs about bluetooth...

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