Mepo - Minimalist and hackable OSM map viewer for mobile linux
(04-18-2022, 07:52 AM)mil Wrote:
(04-17-2022, 09:37 AM)biketool Wrote: Did you do dev work on Maemo5 apps?  This name looks like an updated app I remember from my N900.
Are you considering distributing via flatpak?

Ah no that must have been something different on Maemo5.

And I would surely support a flatpak for mepo - if someone would want to do the work to create the packaging currently I could help out / guide re-dependencies / build. If not I may look into it myself (depending on demand / user interest).

It would be appreciated if Mepo was available as a flatpak.  I feel like flatpak is a way to get an evened out app experience for most pinephone users across most distros.  Anothe feature I feel is very important, and I am not sure how well Mepo supports it is human readable geo URIs, with these I can reference to a paper map, call it over a radio, or easily SMS or email the location, it also lets me do the reverse importing an approximate location form a map or just receiving a friend's location via IM.

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