Guide: Recovering from not being able to boot to eMMC or working sdcard
(This guide assumes you've written a working Pinephone Pro image to an sdcard.)

Note: I own both a Pro and an older PostmarketOS edition Pinephone, both won't recognize USB-C power unless the cable is the "right way up" (this is with multiple Anker and Tripp-Lite high quality USB-C cables using the Pine64 power brick, a laptop and a desktop as a source). You may need to rotate the cable till you can determine which way is considered "up" for method A:

Method A. Boot to sdcard using the reset method:
1. Open the backplate and hold reset (pinhole top left) while inserting USB-C power.
2. Release reset after 4 seconds.
Note: If you hold reset till the sdcard boots it won't be able to see the eMMC.

Method B. Boot to sdcard using the power drain method:
1. Remove USB-C power and the battery.
2. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds, release for 3 seconds, hold down the power for 10 seconds, release the power button.
3. Re-insert the battery and follow steps from method A above.

Method A worked for me when Plasma Mobile was installed but after I wrote the Pro edition of Mobian-installer to the eMMC it bricked my phone. Through trial and error I discovered method B which worked 100% of the time where method A would always fail. It's an old trick I picked up flashing Android phones a long time ago, sometimes there's residual power hanging around that can prevent the chips from resetting properly. I performed a lot of tests (~20+) using method A vs B in different scenarios, orders and duplications to make sure it wasn't a fluke or something else that was allowing Method B to work over A.

Automatically booting to sdcard
Follow this guide:
Note: The dd command didn't work for me till I removed "count=4" and I pressed ctrl+c on the virtual keyboard about a minute in. That's extremely crude, no doubt there's a better way but that's what worked from me.

Just for reference (READ THE GUIDE FROM THE LINK FIRST) the command I used in Mobian (running on the sdcard) was:
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=8k # Wait 1 minute, ctrl+c
Thanks for the effort, but this does not work.. I seemed to have bricked my by simply turning it on with a SD card w Mobian on it.. saw the splash screen 'resizing partition' since then only black screen, regardless of trying to do your options A or B, , with or without SD Card inside... any thoughts are appreciated. I'll keep on trying tomorrow with another USB-C cable.. ta
I am on my Explorer phone now, Bookworm on sd card.
even using cell data to access the forum.

Currently with the latest download of Mobian PRO image,

......> the Boot indicator light is not functioning..! <

So the image does actually "Boot" it is just not seen as it IS booting.

Hope that info helps

Seems some have had different experiences getting or not getting their Pro
to boot to the sd card.

a 5+ second power button press worked for me.

First thing I did when I booted to my sd card ---> Nuke the factory installation.
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