pine64 keyboard pogo 'no-go' pins
Finally saw my pine64 keyboard battery. Inserted phone (without battery) in keyboard. Pinched across the screen/rear cover pogo pin area and the phone started under keyboard battery power - great, my battery works Smile Released my pinch and the phone (of course) lost all power.

Come on #Luke, many of us have already subsidized the pinephone by buying second motherboards without complaint. Please could you explain why the keyboard case lid is so poor? I have inserted/removed my phone carefully a couple of times and the case around the volume up/down button is already warped. A snap on rear phone case is OK but the keyboard case obviously needs mechanical connection/retention.

pine64 == guinipig64???
Except for the FIRMWARE needing some more LOVE, ---> my keyboard snapped-in and worked on the first try.

I did try squeezing the case just to see what happened, ** Nothing, the connection did not open (break) while squeezing the case.

While I do sympathize with your problem, Please do not assume or STATE : that all the keyboards DO NOT WORK !
--> There ARE some posts already talking about adding shims so the pogo pins mate a bit tighter.

Perhaps Pine should post more "WARNINGS" on every one of their products ?

As a GUI user myself, I probably should not have purchased anything from Pine ?

I saw all the warnings on the ole Brave Heart phone, BUT,
.... I bought it anyway, and I am sure glad I did, the Pine phone has been a most rewarding HOBBY ever !

one Brave Heart phone,
3 PMOS Convergent phones,
one Manjaro Convergent phone,
one Pinephone Pro - in route for delivery.
one Pinephone keyboard,
one Pinebook Pro, ANSI model,
one Pinebook Pro, ISO model,
Plus numerous parts & accessories

Thank you Pine64 & Team !
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your favorite OS Team
I replied to this fanboy post months ago pointing out inconsistencies and misconceptions in it's interpretation.
That reply has been removed without explanation - 'ooooh, I'm getting GoogleBumps'...
You might find a solution in this post:

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