Pinephone Pro Explorer Edition to start shipping
Mine was in Bangkok this morning, then it was in customs and now it is back in Hong Kong. It did not spend the night in Bangkok, so the world was not it's oyster. DHL is not giving me a strong sense of comfort. Chinese New Years starts February 1, so all bets are off if our phones are still there when that hits. Mine is supposed to arrive Jan 31 so I am still optimistic but nervous.
Big Grin 
Progress. My PPP has cleared customs in Ohio. Getting anxious.

UPDATE 27 JAN: Out for delivery today! Wow! A week early.

UPDATE 2 - 27 JAN afternoon: Waiting for me in the mailbox where DHL left it. Interestingly, i was under the impression that a signature would be required. I guess not. No one here signed for it. But, its here, so i dont care.
Same for me, mine is in "Shipment on hold" since 2022-01-25 in Hong Kong Sad (Destination: Germany)
(01-27-2022, 12:58 AM)djselbeck Wrote: Same for me, mine is in "Shipment on hold" since 2022-01-25 in  Hong Kong Sad (Destination: Germany)

Same here - "Shipment is on hold" for nearly 48 hours in Hong Kong "... awaiting the next available cycle." (Destination UK)

Think the chances of "Estimated Delivery Date 28. January 2022 - By End of Day" are rapidly receding Sad Sad Sad
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At least mine seems to have started moving again (DHL still thinks it will be delivered by the end of the day 26. Jan)
Not going to make it to Denmark this weekend, but still JAY!
Hi guys,

got mine yesterday in Germany :-)
Mine just arrived - I'm in the UK Smile

DHL told me it was coming on Monday 31st Jan, so it was a bit of a shock when they texted me this morning to tell me it was out for delivery.....

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