Keyboard function keys
I received the keyboard yesterday!  Very pleased with it, now that I've got it working (needed to raise the pin contacts on the keyboard case with a bit of paper/card).

However, I can't get the function keys (eg F5) to work.  I believe the modifier is the Pine key (Super-L/Meta), but it just outputs the number of whatever key I'm pressing with it.  Fn+F1-10 gives me the other characters like +=- etc.  Not checked they're all accurate, but it works.  I've used xev to check the Pine key actually does produce a signal, and it does.

The Pine key also works to move windows around (Pine+FN+Left/Right).

Do I just have to be patient, or is there a way to get the F keys working now?

I'm using Phosh.  Not tested these key combos in any other distro yet.
Does anyone have working F1 - F10 function keys?
I understand that kb151 must be blacklisted and ppkb-i2c-inputd, a userland driver, must be run in order to use the full functionality of the new keyboard case (FN keys, etc). I'm new to archlinux so I'm currently looking for info on how to setup a systemd service but I've found this...

Megi's blog indicates how to disable kb151 from being loaded by the kernel:

This Mobian wiki entry indicates how to set up a systemd service with the userland driver:

My remaining questions are
1. what does it mean "add i2c-dev to /etc/modules" ? and how would I do that in arch??
2. how do I write a systemd service file for use by arch? and where does it go?
I figured it out and wrote up everything. If you're already got everything working you can just pick out the parts for installing the userland driver ppkb-i2c-inputd and disabling the kernel module kb151: Using Keyboard Case with Arch (DanctNix) (complete instructions)
I've had a quick read through, and I'm looking forward to trying it this weekend. I'm excited to have this properly working as a mini-laptop (it's pretty much what I had in mind when it was first announced, and a keyboard was speculated), so thank you very much for this guide!

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