"Privacy" DIP switch wiring - real or software?
I asked a similar question about the Pinebook Pro a while back and they got back to me very quickly:

"The keyboard firmware which include privacy switch can be update thru utility, please check out: https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/pineboo...rd-updater

Please note that the ARM CPU on Pinebook Pro cannot directly control/overwrite the privacy switch.


Support team #1"

Someone would need to email support to verify this but i'd guess the Pinephone similarly asks a chip to turn hardware on/off rather than breaking the connection directly and this chip can probably be written to from the operating system so technically someone with a lot of Pinephone know-how and the ability to run something with root privileges on your phone could turn these back on.

I can't speak to why these aren't direct kill switches but here's my guess:
- Cutting power suddenly could cause software problems and the devs already have their hands full.
- Returning power suddenly could cause voltage drops.
- It may be considerably complex within the provided space to route direct power to the dip switches.

That I know of... there isn't a phone or laptop that exists with absolute/direct power off kill switches. That said... i'd like one Smile

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