No call audio despite confirmed capability
Hi Everyone.
I took delivery of my PinePhone (3GB/32GB) last week.

The installed Manjaro/KDE is great and yet I couldn' get any calls to complete/audio to be heard. I was using an EE sim and read that no-one has recorded any successes with them. I read on the wiki that calls were working with a "3" sim, so i got one and again no audio.

To clarify - The DIP switches are in the correct alignment (ive tried both positions to check this)
              - With both sims, the calls connect to another mobile and this can call, wake up and alert the PinePhone. JUST NO AUDIO on connection.
              - I have confirmed the mic and speaker work, by using the audio recorder to record my voice and YouTube videos play back.
              - I have tried sending and receiving calls with a wired headset/headphones with no audio received/heard.
              - I have installed in both SD card and eMMC: Manjaro with Phosh, Manjaro with KDE, Ubuntu Touch and Mobian.

As the same happens with every OS Distro, i'm tempted to say its not the sims. I "think" they should be working fine! And the Pinephone Wiki confirms they're working in several cases. This points me more towards a hardware problem. But then having confirmed the speaker and mic work, i'm stumped...

Any thoughts? Dud Pinephone or something else?



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No call audio despite confirmed capability - by GrapeJuice - 01-10-2022, 01:10 PM

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