Factory AOSP image but for your SD card!
Apologies in advance for my newbie questions, but:

1. like Emilio, I also wonder why you are referring to this image as AOSP?
2. Is this "Factory AOSP image" the content of the eMMC when the phone was delivered?
3. How would having this image be useful?

I just received my PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition, and am trying to understand the landscape. Thank you!
(01-06-2022, 01:57 PM)Danct12 Wrote: This is the stock AOSP image from my PinePhone Pro, I took it (dumped it as soon I got the device) and make it work on SD card. This will be useful for anyone looking to test their hardware but didn't have a chance to, or maybe just for playing around.

The bootloader must not be present on the eMMC, otherwise the image won't boot. I've tested "recovery mode" and factory reset, they work perfectly fine too. However, reboot is broken as the phone just hangs.

You can download the image here: https://danctnix.arikawa-hi.me/misc/pine..._sd.img.xz

Alternatively, the eMMC dump (~117GB unxz'd) is available here: https://danctnix.arikawa-hi.me/misc/pine...mmc.img.xz

Why is the file named as an android img?  Is it PPP default eMMC img or an android image of some kind?   thanks

tom koscvic
You're getting confused because the Developer Edition and Explorer Edition came with different factory images. The android/AOSP one came off a Developer Edition PPP while most of you have the Explorer Edition.
(03-03-2022, 06:23 AM)wibble Wrote: The android/AOSP one came off a Developer Edition PPP while most of you have the Explorer Edition.

That's true, the Android image only exists on the Developer (and Pre-Developer) batches. For all those that bought the Explorer Edition (or later), it comes with Manjaro.
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