Kali Linux on SD card boot
Hi all , I tried to install kali on Sd card using Rufus and all is well, Able to boot up but when I tried the default credentials it just lead me to restart and boot up every time 

I tried using wrong credentials and it shows wrong credentials 

I tried crtl alt f1 and able to get into cmd line console and able to login with default credentials 

Anyone can advice what is wrong with the GUI login?
I have tested two versions in the past, without any problems.
Which version are you using?
Did you do a checksum check on the downloaded image?
Im running it currently without issue. If you can make it to a terminal. Is it worth trying an update and or another login manager or window manager?

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kali-linux-2022.1-pinebook-pro-xfce-arm64.img works from SD here
Haven't been able to get it running from eMMC for some reason
(03-04-2022, 01:47 AM)Tazdevl Wrote: kali-linux-2022.1-pinebook-pro-xfce-arm64.img works from SD here
Haven't been able to get it running from eMMC for some reason

You do understand that a SD boot uses the uboot package on emmc?
That uboot is almost certainly different than what is on SD
I would bet,, that if the emmc was removed/disabled, then the SD would NOT boot
OR you could test the above statement,, ONLY if you have a 'for sure' booting SD
(That is , without opening pbp to remove/disable emmc)
All on emmc, copy mbr, copy 1st 16M (to usb stick?), blank 1st 16M, restore mbr
This forces pbp to use uboot on SD since it is the only uboot there is
This is a good way to test uboots, lots are lacking
I do, I even had Kali on my PBP. I messed it up trying to move /var to NVMe Smile

But at the moment it doesn't want to boot a newly DD-ed kali image. Haven't found time yet to try another distro.

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