Shipping times?
(Yesterday, 06:56 AM)dachalife Wrote: Ordered mine on the first with standard shipping and have not received any updates, besides the Paypal charge email; figure at least 30 days for shipping.

I did the same and mine shipped but hasn't left China since it shipped over a week ago so I emailed PINE64 support and they said the lead time on standard shipping is 2-6 weeks... So don't get your hopes up for getting it before mid Feb...
Mine (or maybe it's consignment) is at the "office of exchange" at local postal service since last Saturday (3 days).
Anyway, as foreign tracking shows, it is currently at local customs, but local postal service's online tracking does not even mention anything other then it is in "office of exchange".

Basically they try to withhold such information since years (started before pandemic) to appear quicker later...

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