ABS cases - shipped or not ?
I received couple of days ago PINE64 package but inside there wasn't any ABS or Acrylic case ( i ordered ABS, but TL Lim asked me if i want acrylic one instead of ABS, and I confirmed).

On a envelope it says ABSCASE, bla, bla... but inside nothing.

I think these last shipments supposed to be with cases or I have to wait for additional package with ABS case ?

Same here, got my boards, my wifi module and my LDC screen. But cases are missing.
Last I had read was that the ABS cases were to be shipped sometime in latter part of July and prob received sometime in August. Might be wrong on this but that is what I remember.
Ok thanks you for the information Smile Case is not really important but my Z-WAVE (EU) module is missing.
What scared me was that the package said it contains both...

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