UART switch Pinebook 11.6"
Hi all,

I am trying to resurrect my 11.6" Pinebook, so expect some more posts shortly.

For debugging, I would like to know the position of the tiny switch inside the case that switches between UART and headphone audio.

I have searched, but I can't find a definitive answer, and I can't remember if I already moved the switch...

So, there are two positions. Inboard (towards the centre of the laptop) and outboard (towards the, er, edge of the laptop). Which position is UART please?

Yes, I could figure it out if I could boot up...


Ok. I can boot. Opening the case, staring at the innards really hard, and putting the cover back on helped.

The initial problem was that the KDE neon logo would appear (concentric circles) then the screen went black. I couldn't even get a console, and booting from SD card failed also.

After peering inside (and doing literally nothing) I tried booting again. This time I was able to switch to a console, whereupon I learned that the eMMC was full and the OS was thrashing.

Next, I reflashed my SD card (with the 1080p version of Neon) using dd on a Raspberry Pi because Etcher on my PC was a bit sus. Rebooted with that and... success!

I've set up Neon, but I think I just did it on the SD card. I haven't figured out how to rewrite the eMMC.

But, I digress, this thread was supposed to be for the UART switch.


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