PIneTime reconnect script
Hey folks, I was having issues with my PineTime reconnecting to my PInephone after waking up from suspend. I noticed when I would cycle bluetooth on and off eventually it would re-connect.

Arch wiki showed me a neat way to run a script on wake every time. I started playing with that and got a decent working reconnect script. I have tested it for a few days and now am curious if it will work well for other people using the PineTime with the PInePhone

PinePhone 3gb running Manjaro-Arm
PineTime running InfiniTime 1.7.
Amazfish as the companion app

Here is the github with instruction and the script that will take your PineTime BT mac address and make a small shell script for connecting and a systemd service to fire that script any time the PInePhone wakes from suspend. It is enabled to start on boot and requires a restart of both PT and PP after the script is done.

I recognize this if probably not the best way to fix my reconnect issues but it seems to work for now and I am certainly open to suggestions if anyone thinks there is a better way to do this.

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