Assists for running Mobian my PinePhone
Moved back to Mobian Phosh on my Pinephone (3GB version). Have been checking out distros by copying to a PinePhone folder on my windows PC. I then load an SD card into the phone that I have installed JumpDrive using Etcher. When the phone is then connected to my PC via USB JumpDrive starts automatically. I can then go to Etcher and move an OS to the eMMC drive. A video covering this: Kudos to Pine64 for making this easy and forgiving.
Another significant tool was the purchase of a Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad and left/right buttons from Amazon. After pairing the keyboard with my phone I was easily able to scroll around the desktop, click selections, type and easily use terminal. [url=][/url]

The last breakthrough was finding File Manager PC Man FM in the software utilities of the Mobian software store (icon on the desktop). This app allowed me to access song and PDF files I had stored on the SD card in my phone. I completed a copy/paste of the files into the appropriate folders in Mobian and now had file to test out the music player (lollypop) and the PDF viewer that is located on the desktop. I can now listen to music and read PDF's on the phone.

I am sharing this info so that other new users of the PinePhone won't get frustrated by not being able to use their phone. I am also becoming better acquainted using the terminal in Linux for the phone as well as my Raspberry Pi (since they both are running Debian). Hope these comments help.

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