Bluetooth Connection Issue
Hello Forum!

So, my first post here.
Out of curiosity I just ordered a PineTime, just to give it a try.
(I had a smartwatch from Withings before, but all this "you have to use our cloud"-$4!7 was a showstopper.)

Anyway, expectations were low (would be unfair to compare a 30$ item with something >100-200).
Yet, I was curious to see what can be done with it, perhaps even see how to get some Qt-app running with it.

However, I seem to permanently run into problems to (re)connect the PineTime (FW v1.6.0) with any device - after it was succesfully paired before.

Tried the following:
- iPhone with inifinitime. Connected and worked - until disconnected i.e. BT turned off on the phone, or just left the house without phone
- Linux on a Thinkpad with amazfish (was a bit bumpy to get build, but got it working). Pinetime paired, and worked as expected, until - perhaps you can guess - until BT was turned off, or I just left the house without the TP.

And, it does always work again - once - when I do a soft reset (push the PineTime button for 8sec until Pine logo appears).

But, obviously then always all collected data such as heart rate and steps is lost. Sad
This is pretty frustrating as it seems to be systematic:
Pair it. All looks fine, then go shopping and come back, and no way to get the data synced. Do a soft reset, loose all data. Looks fine... until the next time. Sad
  1. I am aware that the watch can only be connected to one device at a time. (The blue "Bluetooth-B" is not lit.)
  2. Infinitime on the phone just doesn't seem to find it at all anymore - until I reset the PineTime. (tried already enable/disable auto-reconnect -> no diff.)
  3. Amazfish does show the PineTime in the list (mac address is right), but doesn't want to reconnect. (Running the UI from the shell spits out a "connected", just before it says "disconnected" again. Unpairing and trying to repair also no success. - Until soft reset of the PineTime is done.)

So, simple question: What am I doing wrong? Anything I need to watch out for?
This seems to be such a fundamental functionality, I don't want to believe it can't be made to work reliably. Confused

Any advice is welcome.
Thanks in advance,

PS: I noticed that there seems to be no security in place at all when pairing! I was at least expecting to see some "confirm connect" appear on the PineTime. But nothing. Is it really true that there is nothing stopping my neighbors from connecting to my PineTime if I am not permanently connected? Huh

I just noticed there is already a version 1.7.1 for the PineTime. Upgraded now from 1.6.0 to 1.7.1.
First impression: It seems to work much better now. (Hint: the 1.7.1 was not suggested automatically, so had to select it manually.)
While InfiniTime 1.6.0 fixed a major issue with reconnection, it seems there's another cause of reconnection problems for some people that's yet to be found. Some have said it happens after enabling the heart rate monitor. I haven't been using HRM since its results are pretty bad at the moment.

Secure pairing is currently in the develop branch if you want to compile and test it. They've been trying to avoid it being a breaking change for companion apps, sorting behaviour around how it interacts with the recovery process, and making sure it doesn't break OTA firmware updates. See for example:

I haven't kept track of what the other firmware projects are doing. WaspOS uses a different bluetooth stack so is unlikely to share the same bluetooth problems.
after few days of PT, which I love a lot, I must say that the blueetooth connectivity is still my main concern.
This post is 2019, releases ago, now we're 2023 and still I have this very same issue.

Case 1)
Graphene with GadgetBridge: hard to connect for the first time, when I have to swap user profile, and thus bluetooth disconnect, no way I can reconnect when i'm back. And same for when, i.e., i deplete battery and phone does turn off.

iPhone with InfiniLink: found and connected one shot. Nothing else tried as the iOS app is very limited in features.

Why on Android to re-connect consistently seems so hard?

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