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(01-02-2022, 04:36 PM)jiyong Wrote:
(12-31-2021, 05:26 PM)moonwalkers Wrote: There are some "smart" TVs like Vizio's that like to take snapshots of whatever's on the screen and send it home. Granted, you can opt out of it, but the software tries really hard to get you to consent to it, and unless you have a habit of reading all small print it's easy to miss what that consent implies. So I'd say there is a real privacy value in large 4K screens that are either as "dumb" as possible, or are "smart" but running software as free as possible with zero telemetry demanded. Mere smart-TV HDMI compute stick won't help much in this regard if it's connected to a Vizio TV that still takes screen snapshots and shares with the company whatever it is you're sending to your TV over HDMI.

Does this mean that you can only use those Vizio TVs when you setup internet on those TVs?
Otherwise I don't understand how they can still use telemetry.

Technically, you can use them without being connected to Internet. In practice, they are a nightmare to use that way. Beginning with the fact that they (at least the cheaper models) have problems with the hardware remotes having tendency to "double-click" all the time, and to use software remote you have to have it connected to your network. They (at least the model I have) tend to always start to their home screen, even if they were turned of on one of the HDMI/composite inputs, and the physical buttons on the TV itself are completely unusable (as in don't do what they are supposed to do). If you ever want to make use of miracasting functionality you also need them connected to your network. I suppose if you only ever use it as an HDMI monitor the only one that's still problematic is its inability to start where it was left off, on HDMI input... Still, all those "smart" functions tend to get in the way of the "dumb monitor" use if you don't take advantage of them.
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