How to install dependencies for Gajim?
(12-31-2021, 06:32 PM)ryo Wrote:
(12-31-2021, 06:01 PM)tk1107 Wrote: I reinstalled gajim with "yay" and used yay to install farstream. yay shows other dependencies installed, but gajim is not showing those or farstream to be installed in the preferences window. I saw that there is a gajim "community" edition and a gajim-git version.

It's pretty common to see "versions" like something-bin, something-git, something-whatever too.

If possible, it's best to pick the "vanilla" versions since those are most likely to be up to date and it'll get compiled on your own device (which is why AUR works on ARM), only try the "-git" versions if the regular ones don't work.
The "-bin" ones aren't recommended since they're most likely compiled for x86 processors, and therefore won't run on the PinePhone, although they serve well in case compilation fails on desktops.

For example (this is on desktop by the way), in the case of xmrig I installed the donateless version since they somehow took out the auto donate functionality, or in the case of Veloren (kind of a mix between Minecraft and World of Warcraft, but free (as in both freedom and no money) and open source) I chose veloren-nightly-bin because the regular "veloren" failed to compile while the regular "veloren-bin" is outdated.

Ok. I'll watch for that. I have the "Community" version of Gajim installed and that version is very mobile friendly. When I make a telephone call to a landline with it, an additional pane appears that is dedicated to that function alone. That pane has a vertical line on the side that I am able to slide it to show the messaging area or to just move completely over to call area. The call area has the DTMF pad to access the touch tone menus during the call. I just discovered this last night when I was exploring the buttons with my mouse. It is all accessible with a finger touch, too, with no problems and without tilting the phone. Those audio/visual dependencies are still not showing installed in the preferences menu, but I was able to call out. I tried to call in from another phone, but I did not get a response. Maybe those dependencies could help. I was told by someone at JMP.Chat that the Gajim desktop version is working fine.

If anyone has been able to receive calls in Gajim, please let me know. The VoIP call quality is better than the cell towers and all this can be done through a VPN. JMP.Chat is $2.99 a month right now and I have gotten SMS (bank codes, eBay, Amazon, etc) and images.

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