How to install dependencies for Gajim?
(12-29-2021, 01:56 PM)tk1107 Wrote:
(12-29-2021, 12:37 PM)user641 Wrote: is gajim working well for you? I am wanting a good xmpp client for arch phosh.

I'm still learning about it, but I can use it for messaging. I use JMP.Chat (VoIP service on XMPP) and used Gajim to dial out to a landline and was able to use the DTMF dial tone pad to navigate the answering service menu and continue the call. I had to rotate the phone to get a wider screen to find the DTMF pad. JMP.Chat can dial out to landlines and cell phones and receive SMS codes and messages. I've been using the Cheogram.apk app on Android as my main phone. Cheogram is based on Conversations.apk. I still have alot to learn about Gajim. I haven't tried an incoming call yet.

If you need just a basic XMPP messenger that is mobile friendly with PinePhone, then "Dino" has been working well for me.

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