Is there a way to turn off Wifi completely?
(12-23-2021, 06:42 PM)jirow Wrote:
(12-21-2021, 11:46 AM)Arwen Wrote:
(12-21-2021, 08:09 AM)jirow Wrote: From this thread
How does the kill switch work?

I found that the ON / OFF information of the private switch is stored in the memory of the keyboard. This means that private switch information will be lost if the PineBook's main battery is completely discharged.

If the PinBook is started with the private switch turned off, it may be illegal under the Radio Law in Japan. This is not good.

Is there a way to force the private switch on when the pinebook boots from 0% battery? I'm sorry to ask you more questions even though the above reply has suggested a fairly effective method.

Could you give me some hints?

The privacy switches, including the WiFi, are store in Non-Volatile memory. This chip is physically separate from the keyboard controller and is wired to an I2C bus if I remember correctly. If the keyboard processor comes up, it reads the privacy switch configuration and programs the external device power as appropriate.

The default power state is almost certainly off. So if the keyboard processor fails to boot, WiFi power will likely stay off.

You can find the schematics here;

Pine64 Wiki - Pinebook Pro - Schematics

The page for the keyboard controller is 19, and the privacy switch storage chip is the lower right one, U7005, if I remember correctly. It's tiny, I think like 256 bytes. But, more than enough for it's purpose.

Thank you for your reply Smile . It took me a while to understand the reply and the PDF of the circuit.

Even if the main battery is completely exhausted, the stored data will not be erased. I'm glad to hear that, and I'll read more schematics with less knowledge of mine.

thank you.
Did you find a way to do it?

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