Is there a way to turn off Wifi completely?
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Is there a way to physically or software off Wifi on PineBook Pro?

The reason is that it is necessary to avoid special regulations in Japan. In Japan, if you want to use a wifi device, you have to obtain a license called technical conformity certification. For example, the Japanese model of iphone is sold under this license.
[Image: 125px-Giteki_new.jpg]
technical conformity certification( = 技術適合証明)

Using a wireless device without this type of approval is illegal under the Radio Law and will result in penalties. So We cannot legally use PineBook Pro in Japan (ToT)

Obtaining a technical conformity certificate individually is time consuming, costly and impractical. So is it possible to turn off the Wifi on the PineBook Pro completely?

It's not enough to just turn off Wifi in NetworkManager. This is because it is illegal to make wireless radio waves available without using Wifi radio waves. Even if I get PineBook Pro, the moment I connect it to the charging cable, it is illegal under the Radio Law.

Is it possible to remove the Wifi module from the PineBook Pro motherboard? I am a little confident in using the soldering iron. If I remove the module, will the OS boot succeed without error? Or is there a Linux command that does not draw current only to the wifi module?If possible, it would be nice if there was a way to turn off the power by software.

I would like to use the PineBook even with a USB wired LAN adapter, and would like to buy it as soon as I can clear this wireless problem.

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