Battery charging issue
I got my PPP yesterday and have gotten postmarketOS to boot. Wifi works, I haven't tested much else though as battery support in pmOS is not complete.

One issue I'm really struggling with: I cannot get the battery charged. The device seems to bootloop into either pmOS if my SD card is installed or do nothing with just the nuked AOSP image (to be expected of course). The device tries to boot as soon as I plug it in, and the resulting power draw seems to drain what little charge the battery has managed to take in. I'm going to try with a different battery charged in my regular pinephone, but powering on when plugging it in seems like a firmware bug or at least a feature I can't seem to turn off. Am I doing something wrong?

I did some cursory digging through the devicetree power subsystem to see if I could turn up anything about why pmOS doesn't seem to detect the battery, but couldn't. I will get some more time to look at it tomorrow.
So part of this problem is the kernel being shipped with pmOS. After talking with Megi on discord, switching to Arch, which has his newer kernel 5.16-rc3, seemed to ameliorate this problem.

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