How to do automatic login or shorten the login number
I was trying to figure out a way to do automatic login in Mobian on the PP, but I couldn't find anyway to bypass the login screen.

Then, I got the idea of just making my password one number long, so I could enter "1" instead of "1234". I edited the file /etc/pam.d/common-password and changed the line:

password   [success=2 default=ignore] minlen=4 sha512

password   [success=2 default=ignore] minlen=1 sha512

Then, i changed the password from "1234" to "1" with: 

sudo passwd mobian

I was able to change the password, and the new password worked in the terminal, but the Phosh login screen would not accept the password of "1". Since I had no way to login, I had to reflash the eMMC.

How can I use a password which is less than 4 numbers?  And is there any way to do automatic login in Mobian, so I don't have to enter a password?

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