Ubuntu with Android Kernel

I want to use the pine for graphics stuff and as far as a know the Android Kernel has a Allwinner driver for the "Mail 400 MP2" witch is much more advance than the one used by the Ubuntu Kernel.

So is it possible to Android with Ubuntu/Debian ?
Although Android is based on Linux kernel, Android has a completely different RootFs layout and system scripts.
You can not have both Android and Ubuntu or Debian at the same time.
thank you
this has brought me forward.
Was looking now for RootFS and Chroot.


But ufff first much to do next time..then I will have a closer look at it.
Interesting ...
If you cut Android down to a very basic system it takes not that much RAM (last time I did was android 2.1-?2 there it was about 60mb anyway at the moment android 5.1 uses 400mb at my phone)

Than it would be possible to write a shell script witch start directly Deb/ubuntu.

Only issue I see is the VNC server thing... this has the potential to waste all the performance you gain with the android kernel.

But first of all I will test the installation through (not yet awhile)

Correct my if I'm wrong, but since Android kernels use a different interface for the graphics driver stack and other userspace components that need hardware access (see https://source.android.com/devices/image...wk_all.png ) won't you have a hard time to get any but the most basic Linux userspace infrastructure running? (e.g. DRM, ALSA, ....)

http://hiqes.com/android-linux-kernel-drivers/ has an article on the difference between android and generic linux drivers...
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