Rock64 bricked
(12-03-2021, 08:40 PM)Rocklobster Wrote: The SD boot is the most reliable source for booting so it sounds like the SD card may well be faulty now. Maybe its somehow come loose from pushing in and out SD cards. Those units are very fragile. It is possible to boot from USB. Search the forum for instructions.

I tried multiple SD cards.
If the onboard card reader is faulty, I don't think there should be any 1st stage bootloader message showing on UART. That bootloader is burnt into the card, is it not?

Booting the unit from USB (the normal way) would require one to a least get to a 'proper' bootloader (e.g. u-boot). Obviously, my board won't even allow me to even do that.
I tried to force the unit to go into maskrom mode (please read my post) and then use Rockchip tools to flash the firmware via USB OTG. The thing is, when I connected Rock64 to my PC via USB OTG, my PC could detect a usb device, but there was no PID/VID associates with it (faulty device warning). In other words, the board won't even get recognized by my PC. 

I think something must have gone seriously wrong in my board.
Is there anything else I can do to save it?


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