Very long boot time with Debian image
(06-27-2016, 10:07 AM)Xabaras76 Wrote: with Debian images I notice that boot time it is quite long(more than 4 minutes)

Is there any way to fix this long boot time in Debian images.?

I wish to everybody a great day.!! Smile

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hi Filippo, if you plug a serial cable into the exp header (ground pin9, Rx pin7, Tx pin8) you can monitor whats going on in the bootup... well, to save you the trouble, debian is waiting for almost five minutes (depends) on the network. The delay wouldn't have to be there, but it is; once you get your network setup and running (wifi configured, etc) the bootups will speed up a bit at that delay point; but, the delay is still there.

Its one of the questions I have for lenny, but he's busy getting the mali driver ready, so I'm not bugging him... 

Big Grin

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