setting a fixed Mac address on a PineCube

I have got a PineCube running Armbian, and is also using Uboot 2021.07-armbian.

I have found that the mac address keeps changing, and consequently the ip address keeps changing too. This is a real nuiscence.

I have looked for a soltution to this problem, and found some ideas on the One64 forum. Unforutnately the suggestions there didn't work for me on the PineCube.

I have tried adding these to /boot/boot.cmd (no both at once)

setenv bootargs "${bootargs} ethaddr=7e:50:d1:01:57:68"

setenv bootargs "${bootargs} mac_addr=7e:50:d1:01:57:68"

If I do 
Quote:cat /proc/cmdline

I can see that the parameters are passed to the kernel, but are not being acted upon.

I have also tried adding these to /boot/armbianEnv.txt

Again not both at once.

Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get the mac address to remain the same on subsequent boots.

Thanks in advance

Hi Andrew,

I just tried the PineCube for the first time myself, running armbian bullseye.

At first it seemed to have the same issue, but after a system upgrade it now seems to have a persistent MAC address.

Hope it helps,
Hi Leonardo,

Thanks for your reply.

When you say, "system upgrade", what exactly was upgraded? Was it Armbian? Or is there some other firmware that was upgraded?


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