RockPro64 - HDMI and higher resolutions
Hey, everyone.
I’ve been rummaging through LibreELEC’s patches and there are some awesome changes being made available.

In particular, the following patch-set by knaerzche: at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

That’s re-work from Kwiboo’s earlier patches to enable higher resolution modes with RK3328 && RK3399 SBCs through HDMI.

What the patch-set effectively does - makes changes to use the big vop along with mpll_cfg table alterations to allow the devices to output up-to UHD resolutions.

On my particular setup, it enables:
  • Use of the full WQHD resolution on my main monitor with the RockPro64 - previously stuck at FHD only
  • Correct detection and use of the QHD monitor with RP64/ Rock64 (previously neither SBCs could even detect compatible mode - monitor doesn’t work)
  • Correct detection and use of 1440x900 monitor (previously, neither SBCs could detect compatible mode - monitor doesn’t work)

Here is my kernel package setup to use the patch-set for ManjaroARM if someone wants to give it a shot:

Here is the RockPro64 connected to 27" QHD ElectriQ monitor using the native resolution:

As a note:
- For UHD I don't have a monitor to try it out. I'm not sure if 60Hz has been enabled or not but 30Hz should work for sure
- On my WQHD monitor 60Hz seems to work fine with RP64

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Device: Pinebook Pro 128GB No:246 / MainOS: Manjaro ARM
Godot and Flutter - creating something can be fun with the right tools!

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