Wi-Fi adapter suddenly gone missing
Suddenly wifi stopped working in my Mobian installation and "No Wi-Fi Adapter Found" is reported in settings.

It was working this morning, but although I've installed no updates and made no changes since then now it's gone. Booting up on my "known to work" SD card the wifi returns, so it is not a hardware problem. Anything else I can check before clobbering the eMMC with my last image backup? (I don't like to do that too often due to flash memory's limited write cycles.)
D'oh! It turns out that I must have accidentally hit the WiFi symbol in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, which shuts off the WiFi adapter. The fact that it has been toggled off this way is not reflected in the Settings application, it just shows no wifi available. When I touched the icon for it the adapter turned back on and connected.

[Image: 7UmZQJ5L_o.jpg]

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