After fresh install outbound phone calls not working.
All expected things were working fine with pinephone.  A pacman update borked my pinephone and it wouldn't boot.  I installed fresh current img to phone main memory (not sd card) as below:.

"Manjaro-ARM-plasma-mobile-pinephone-20111108.img.xz".  Install was uneventful.  I did a pacman system update after the flash install that added some items.

I use a Consumer Cellular sim card.  Worked fine in past 6 months.

Testing of the new install shows that I can text outward,  receive texts inward.  Incoming voice calls are received.

Outbound calls, however, do not work.  PhoneBook and Phone app both say " Unable to make a call at this moment".   But this has been hours and is not a temporary Consumer Cellular system problem as I have an android phone working with the same carrier.

My sim card data shows in Settings -> Cellular Networks -> Sim card and data looks right.

Never had a phone problem (lots of others) before.  Any ideas, anyone?

I may reinstall the older img file where all was working if I can't get a fix going to see if something got gliched in update.

Thanks,  tom kosvic
(11-09-2021, 07:19 PM)tckosvic Wrote: "Manjaro-ARM-plasma-mobile-pinephone-20111108.img.xz".  Install was uneventful.  I did a pacman system update after the flash install that added some items...

So you installed a daily build. If you want something more stable, then I'd recommend to use a beta version and stay at this by updating it with pacman. The latest beta version is Release Beta 8 and it is here:

you suspected right.  I installed beta8 version and outbound calling works.  I checked and all texting and voice messaging is working.

Should I report my observation somewhere so others can avoid this problem and not devote a lot of time to it?  If so, point me.

thanks,     tom kosvic

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