How to mainline kernel on daniel thompson's debian installer?
(07-19-2023, 12:35 AM)BronzeBeard Wrote: Did you ever get this resolved. I've been debating on upgrading my Daniel Thompson Debian, but have yet done so.

No. I still use Daniel Thompson's original kernel.

If you have a serial console cable, then it's worth trying it out. You (or you and me) will get valuable information on what goes wrong.

You can easily go back to Daniel Thompson's kernel. All you need to do is to boot from an SD card, mount the eMMC boot partition and change the extlinux.conf label back to his kernel.

It's a pity that Daniel Thompson set his github repository to read-only so we can't open a ticket there. Well, his github repository asked to use for support and general discussion this pine64 thread which moderator @33YN2 closed and so we can't follow up there, neither.
I'm running debian kernel since months (using sid aka. unstable).
Are you able to ssh into the device (when confronted w/ black screen)? Maybe it's only a driver (setting) missing or so.
jsch Wrote:I'm running debian kernel since months (using sid aka. unstable).

Do you run the Debian sid kernel on top of a vanilla Debian installation or on top of Daniel Thompson's Debian installation?

Quote:Are you able to ssh into the device (when confronted w/ black screen)?

I'm not. Note, I have full disk encryption. What also fails is blindly entering my password ... and waiting for dhcpd to pick up an IP address.

Quote:Maybe it's only a driver (setting) missing or so.

Both, kernel and initramfs are in sync, they come from Debian's kernel package. Initramfs should initialize enough to show me initial boot messages. Don't you think so?
System was set up w/ pure debian, see
Once done, I kept it up to date using apt-get / aptitude.
(09-05-2023, 11:28 AM)jsch Wrote: System was set up w/ pure debian, see

Welcome to this thread about Daniel Thompson Debian installation Tongue

Overall, I'm happy with my current Debian installation
  • Suspend to memory works
  • mplayer (or is it mpv?) uses the gpu - albeit just in a full-screen mode

I would love to have more: firefox gpu support, mplayer gpu support in x-window, an updated kernel.

I don't want to install yet another OS and hunt for fixes and tweaks. So, for the time being, I stay with my current installation ... and hope someone with a serial console cable is figuring out where booting the vanilla Debian kernel hangs.

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