Jtag interface
(06-27-2016, 04:48 AM)ssvb Wrote: Can you provide a bit more details (and possibly links)? Does your RTOS run together with Linux (on different cores) and communicate with it?

It is Linux, a few mods in init/main.c so it does not look on a file system for the init app, it is a know place is ram/flash, uboot can load them image in to ram for you.

if you look at how the Linux comes out of low power mode, you can see the basic way it does it.

you can not make Linux in to a true RTOS, but with a lot of playing around with, mainly playing with the IRQs, you can almost get there.

I have not done much with ARM based systems (that is 1 of the things I was going to be playing with the pine64 board)

I done the strictest timing on a G3 based system, with timings down to a few 10s of clock cycles, G3 Linux Kernel could take over 1000 clock cycles to handle an IRQ, that needs a 2 level IRQ code, 1 level outside Linux and only passing them Linux if needed.

(Playing with the low power code you can get fast boot as well, I think we got a full site box, to boot in less than a second and keys and decode channel on most channels in less that 10 seconds, main controlled by how the keys are managed on the channel.)

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