Convergence tracking website
(11-07-2021, 11:28 AM)beta-user Wrote: @gamerminstrel Sounds like a cool idea, especially if the information would be maintained and kept up to date. But I personally would prefer if this  was available as a category in Software app. I doubt that's going to happen though, so a website will be nice too Smile.

This needs two things:
1. metadata to indicate capabilities adding to the apps/packages
2. Package managers (Software app etc.) being able to filter using this metadata

For metadata see and follow the links down the rabbit hole for .desktop entries and what's going on with AppStream and Flatpak. Submitting issues or pull requests to get such metadata into upstream apps will help - such as

I haven't looked at what package managers are doing, but if there aren't already issues for this it would be worth creating them.

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